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No matter how much you love someone or how well you care for them, everybody needs some time for themselves and that’s why our respite care  based agency is here to help nationwide. Being a carer can be rewarding, as well as exhausting, and, at times, you need to look after yourself too. Whether you want to get away for a holiday, a short break, to attend a special family event or are not well yourself and need to undertake hospital treatment, we can help you find respite care in the UK for your loved one.

You may already have a live-in carer, but need to find respite care to cover holidays or unexpected absences such as family emergencies. No matter what kind of respite care you are looking for, we can help you find respite carers for you or your family. Contact Helpd today on 0118 449 2373 or message us here to find respite care area or nationwide.

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Respite care at home

Respite care is a temporary care arrangement while the main carer is away for whatever reason, or if a person needs short term care following hospital treatment such as an operation or after an illness.

Caring for someone can be physically and mentally demanding and all carers need a rest from time-to-time – especially if they have been caring for someone over a long period. Our respite care services UK wide are there for you when the main carer takes a break.

A respite carer can be a temporary live-in carer if needed, or they can offer visiting care. Typically, depending on your needs they can do the same tasks that the main carer undertakes such as:

  • – Personal care: grooming, bathing, etc
  • – Assisting with eating and drinking
  • – Cooking
  • – Companionship
  • – Medication prompting
  • – Clinical care such as catheter care, peg feeding, etc…
  • – Housekeeping
  • – Shopping
  • – Mobility
  • – Help with attending appointments

The above is not an exhaustive list, and you can arrange with the carer what assistance is needed. A respite carer can also ensure that normal routines are followed to ensure continuity of care. At Helpd, we can assist you in finding a respite carer for you or a loved one. All our carers are self-employed, and our job is to connect clients looking for respite care with carers offering that service. Being self-employed gives our carers and clients flexibility to decide what they need and to make arrangements that are beneficial to both parties.  All of the carers featured on our website have been through a thorough vetting and interviewing procedure, giving you the peace of mind that you, or your loved one, is in good hands.


Respite care for dementia carers

With the number of those with dementia, unfortunately, rising, respite care services for dementia patients are more in demand than ever. Many of our carers have experience in caring for those who are suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s disease and offer a professional, yet compassionate, service that benefits both the patient and the family.

Looking after a loved one with dementia can be difficult and exhausting and engaging the services of a respite carer can help elevate the stress and strain on family members while ensuring that the patient is still receiving the best care possible. Whether you want to go on a well-deserved holiday, a short break, to attend a special event or need some extra help with care after not being well yourself, you can find the perfect respite carer with Helpd.

For more information on respite care for dementia carers, contact us on 0118 449 2373 or message us here.

Respite care rates and costs

The cost of respite care in the UK can vary depending on the needs of the person in need of care and the funding resources available. As our carers are self-employed, they set their own rates and we encourage our clients and carers to liaise directly to come to a mutually beneficial agreement. In some circumstance, you can get funding for respite care. For more information on this take a look at our funding page here.

Find a respite carer

We can help you find respite care nationally or respite care for your loved one while their main carer is not available. All our self-employed carers have been through a rigorous vetting and recruitment process to ensure they meet our high standards.

By using Helpd to find a respite carer you benefit from:

  • – Support with contracts and safe payment for your peace of mind
  • – Access to a simple, user-friendly system to match your needs to Helpers’ skills
  • – Build a better relationship with your carer
  • – Get tailored care for you or a loved one

Search our find a carer tool to find a respite carer today.

When choosing a carer, think carefully about your or a loved one’s care needs. You may require:

  • – Someone with a certain level of experience
  • – A carer with specialist training in using certain medical equipment or dealing with a certain condition
  • – A carer who can drive
  • – A carer who is happy to look after family pets as part of the service, if this is also required
  • – To decide whether you have preference for a male or female carer

If you are looking to hire a carer to help you or a loved one with personal care, contact us today on 0118 449 2373 or message us here.

Why Choose Helpd As Your UK Respite Care Service Of Choice?

  • We are dedicated to putting you in control of your care needs.
  • We carefully source, interview, reference check and list the best carers in your area.
  • We offer a simple and user friendly system to match your needs to Helpers skills.
  • You and the carer agree on a price and set a contract period that is right for both of you.
  • We provide the technology and support with contracts and safe payment for your peace of mind.
  • You cut out the costs of the care agency and pay less, while the helpers get paid more.
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