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Care is not just a 9-5 need, for many who need 24 hour home care, it may be necessary to have night care around the clock or need someone to stay the night to ensure they feel safe and happy in their home UK nationwide. Employing a night-time carer means there is someone to help with toileting, administering medication and helping to move position in bed.

If you are looking for overnight care for you or your loved one contact Helpd today 0118 449 2373 or message us here.

Overnight care for elderly

There are times when the elderly may need overnight care UK. This can come in many forms, but it is mainly divided into sleeping night care and waking night care, and which one is right for you or your family member depends on specific needs.

For some, sleeping night care is all that is needed. This can be the perfect solution for those who are worried about being left alone at night but do not need much in the way of physical support. Generally, the arrangement is that a carer will sleep in their own room and will not be expected to get up more than twice in a night.

If you require waking night care, then a carer will come to your house to do a night shift and can help you with some or all of the following:

  • – Administering Medication
  • – Toileting
  • – Changing position in bed
  • – Help with complex care needs (i.e. ventilators, catheters)
  • – Drinking

This is, of course, not an exhaustive list. As our carers are self-employed, the client and carer are free to come to their own arrangements that suit both parties – meaning you or a family member gets care that is tailored to your needs. Also, as you hire the individual carer directly, you will also benefit from continuity of care. All of the carers featured on our website have been through a thorough vetting and interview procedure, giving you the peace of mind that you, or your loved one, is in good hands.

Overnight care for dementia patients

As dementia is a degenerative condition, you may find that, as time goes on, your care needs, or those of a loved one, will change. Overnight care can be beneficial to dementia patients as it gives them reassurance and there is someone to help if they get confused or need help with activities such as going to the toilet. At Helpd, we have a number of highly skilled and experienced carers who offer a professional, compassionate and tailored service that benefits both the patient and the family.

For more information on respite care for dementia carers, contact us on 0118 449 2373 or message us here.

Overnight care costs

How much overnight care costs will depend on your needs and the level of specialist knowledge your carer may need. As our carers are self-employed, they set their own rates and we encourage our clients and carers to liaise directly to come to a mutually beneficial agreement.

It is possible, depending on your circumstances, to receive help with paying for care, with potential options that include funds from:

  • – NHS
  • – Local authority
  • – Charities (i.e. Age UK, Macmillan)
  • – Attendance allowance
  • – Health insurance

For more information on funding for home care take a look at our comprehensive funding page here.

How to find an overnight carer?

We are an agency that connects clients looking for night care with carers who offer that service. Our clients and families choose us because we empower them to take control of their care, whilst still having the support of a care agency to assist with billing, contacts and vetting. All of our self-employed carers have been through a vigorous vetting and recruitment process to ensure they meet our high standards.

By using Helpd to find an overnight carer you benefit from:

  • – Support with contracts and safe payment for your peace of mind
  • – Access to a simple, user-friendly system to match your needs to Helpers skills
  • – Build a better relationship with your carer
  • – Get tailored care for you or a loved one
  • – Fairer prices. As an agency that deals with self-employed carers our fees are much lower than traditional care agencies so you pay less and your carer pays more

Search our find a carer tool to find a night carer today.

When choosing a carer, think carefully about your or a loved one’s care needs. You may require:

  • – Someone with a certain level of experience
  • – A carer with specialist training in using certain medical equipment or dealing – with a certain condition
  • – A carer who can drive
  • – If you have a pet, you will need to find someone who is happy to look after or at least be around animals
  • – Whether you want a male or female carer

If you are looking to hire night care in the UK, night care in Berkshire, or elsewhere in the UK, to help you or a loved one with personal care, contact us today on 0118 449 2373 or message us here.