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Our expert carers can help you manage your medications as part of their caring duties. Many clients, due to their ailments and conditions, have a great number of medications to take daily. It is hard to remember how much to take or which ones should be taken at specific times. This can be quite stressful for our clients, therefore having a carer on hand to organise this for you can be very beneficial. Not taking medications appropriately, or sometimes forgetting, can have adverse health effects, which may result in a further decline in health and admissions to hospital.

Our highly trained and qualified carers can help you or a loved one to ensure that:

  • – No medications are missed out
  • – Medication mistakes that may lead to harmful drug interactions are avoided
  • – Medications are taken as prescribed
  • – Pain is managed adequately
  • – Prescriptions are picked up, when required

When it comes to medication support, our carers will work with you to ensure that you are as independent as possible. They will not just take over your medication tasks. Instead they will support you with any aspect of it that you are finding difficult to manage. Promoting independence is vital to ensure you are kept as active and in control of your own care as possible. Both our live in and home care workers are able to support you with your medication management.

If you are looking for home care that is flexible and tailored to your requirements, contact Helpd today on 0118 449 2373 for a FREE consultation.

How can Helpd assist?

Whether you are looking for home care for yourself, your partner or a family member, we can help you with your care needs. Our flexible approach means that you can find care in your own home that is tailored to you or your loved one’s needs. Home care is not limited to basic personal care, our carers also offer companionship and continuity. This can help boost both physical and mental health.

Helpd connects clients with highly qualified home carers. Our carers are all self-employed, which means that they can offer flexibility, familiarity and continuity. Booking a carer through us can be financially beneficial for you also. Many traditional care agencies take up to 50% of what is charged to the client, at Helpd we only charge a small admin fee of 20%. Therefore our carers get paid more, whilst you pay less overall.

We have a robust and rigorous vetting and interview process which means we only let the best carers advertise on our website. By choosing to hire your own carer through Helpd, you benefit from:

  • – Seeing the same person who is familiar with your needs and routine
  • – Having continuity of care
  • – Help from our knowledgeable management team with choosing and booking your own carer
  • – Access to technology that will help you with contracts and making safe and secure payments
  • – Building a better relationship with your carer

How Helpd Works?

At Helpd, we match clients with self-employed carers. When choosing a carer with us, all you need to do is:

  • – Decide the kind of support you need. If you need a little help in understanding what you need from a carer then contact ustoday for a FREE care assessment.
  • – Search through our approved list of carers.
  • – Contact a carer that appeals to you and arrange to speak to them or meet them
  • – Once you are ready to book your prefect carer to start visiting you, we will take care of the contracts and billing, so you don’t have to worry

How to pay for home care?

Paying for care can be a worry; however, depending on your circumstances, you may be entitled to help with paying for home care. Funding can come from a number of sources including:

  • – NHS
  • – Attendance Allowance
  • – Other benefits (i.e. PIP)
  • – Local authority
  • – Charities (i.e. Age UK)
  • – Health insurance

How much support you may get will depend on your care needs and the value of your assets It is possible to self-fund home care, especially if you or a loved one only need a small amount of hours of support each week. Choosing home care can, in some cases, be the most practical and cost-effective solution for elderly care. Many people do not want to move into care homes where they must leave their community, belongings and familiar environment. For more information on funding home care, take a look at our guide for paying for care at home.

If you are looking to hire a carer to help you or a loved one with home care, contact us today on 0118 449 2373 or message us here for a free care assessment.