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Finding live-in and hourly care in Waterlooville needn’t be difficult. Helpd makes it easy to connect with fully-vetted, highly experienced, live-in and hourly carers who provide services in the Waterlooville area.

If you live in Waterlooville but are struggling with health issues that are making it difficult to look after yourself, or you have a loved one who is in this position, then now is the right time to start looking for a carer. At Helpd, we have built our business on connecting people who require care with carers who work in their location. This could be a visit once or twice a day to help with washing, dressing and feeding, or it could be someone who spends several hours assisting you with more specialised medical or health-management needs.

If you have not engaged the services of a carer before, it can be difficult to know where to start so at Helpd, we take away the worry by connecting you to fully-vetted carers who work in your area. To discuss the options that are available to you, simply contact the team on 0118 449 2373 and they’ll get you started on the right path which includes outlining the services our carers provide in the Waterlooville area. Alternatively have a look at our online find a carer tool to see the profiles of some of our available carers.

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Live-in Care and Home Care Waterlooville

If your needs are becoming more complex with age or due to deteriorating heath, but you don’t need full-time care, you may find it difficult to work out precisely how much care you need. At Helpd, we make it easy to navigate the process of assessing the type and amount of support that you need and connecting to carers who work in the Waterlooville area. All it takes is a quick call to our friendly team on 0118 449 2373. They’ll be able to walk you through the various options and share with you a selection of carers that are currently available.

When it comes to time and cost, the choice is yours. Helpd’s carers are self-employed which means that you can talk to them directly about the amount of hours that they work and the hourly rate that they charge. You can then select the carer that best suits your needs and your budget.

Our carers offer a wide range of services – here’s just a few examples:

  • Domiciliary care
  • Part-time care
  • Personal care
  • Visiting home care

To find out more, call the team on 0118 449 2373.

Live-in Care Waterlooville

In some instances, even having regular daily home visits doesn’t provide quite enough support. If this is the case for you, and you wish to stay in your own home in Waterlooville, a live-in carer can meet your practical and medical needs – and avoid the worry of finding a suitable local care home. A concern for many people is finding a carer that is both adequately skilled and a good personality fit. At Helpd, we walk you through the process and give you a single place to start by providing you with access to a range of live-in carers who work within the Waterlooville area. This means that you get the chance to compare specialities, experience and rates as well as having access to the Helpd team’s experience.

Appointing a live-in carer not only means that a person can continue to live comfortably in their own home, it can make a material difference to someone’s overall wellbeing as they feel supported and listened to. For the wider family, a live-in carer helps to reduce the worry associated with having a frail family member because they know there is consistency of care.

At Helpd, finding and selecting a fully-vetted live-in carer is easy. We make it simple to review a list of carers who work in the Waterlooville area who have the specialisations that you require and connect you with them. This includes carers with experience in managing complex medical needs and everyday practical requirements – even helping to remember and attend doctors appointments. Below are some further examples of the specialisations that our carers have:

  • Assisting with eating and drinking
  • Clinical needs including catheter care, wound dressing and peg feeding
  • Household tasks including cooking, cleaning and shopping
  • Companionship
  • Medication prompting and administering
  • Personal care tasks including bathing, grooming and dressing
  • Help with paperwork
  • Assistance with attending appointments

Finding the right live-in carer for you, or your family member, should be a positive experience – something that the Helpd team are committed to achieving. If you live in Waterlooville and want an easier way to find the right carer, call our team on 0118 449 2373.

Cost of Home Care

Carers who work within Waterlooville may charge a variety of rates as the cost will depend on the carer’s skills, the amount of time they are required for and the tasks and responsibilities they are given. At Helpd, all of our carers are all self-employed, which means they set their own rates which are clearly listed on our find a carer tool. This means that there are no hidden costs and you have the opportunity to assess upfront whether a particular carer will meet your practical needs and financial budget. Our find a carer tool offers a selection of carers and their rates.

Affordability is of course a chief concern when selecting care which is why we advise checking your eligibility for financial assistance regardless of your circumstances. Often it is possible to access funding for items such as mobility aids via the NHS. A contribution towards care costs may also be possible if you know the right place to look. As there are so many potential pathways for funding, Helpd has created a free guide that lays out options across a variety of organisations including the NHS, a range of well-known charities, and local authorities. You’ll find the guide on our funding page.

Feel ready to find a carer that can provide hourly home care or live-in care in the Waterlooville area? Contact us on 0118 449 2373 or message us here.

Why are we the leading home & live in care providers in Waterlooville?

Helpd provide a friendly and professional service to connect you with the best home and live in care within the Waterlooville. If you are looking for a live-in or a home carer at an affordable cost, Contact Us Today.

What is live in care / home care?

A live-in carer simply lives with you in the comfort of your own home helping with one to one care. A home carer will come to your home to care for you or your loved one, but will not live their. Contact us today to learn more.

Why Choose Helpd As Your Home Care Of Choice In Waterlooville?

  • We are dedicated to putting you in control of your care needs.
  • We carefully source, interview, reference check and list the best carers in your area.
  • We offer a simple and user friendly system to match your needs to Helpers skills.
  • You and the carer agree on a price and set a contract period that is right for both of you.
  • We provide the technology and support with contracts and safe payment for your peace of mind.
  • You cut out the costs of the care agency and pay less, while the helpers get paid more.
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