Top 5 reasons why being a self-employed carer is a great for working mums

Being a self-employed mum comes with a lot of positives and flexibility to accommodate your busy parent life. Here are the top 5 reasons why working as a self-employed carer is the right solution for working mums:
1. Don’t compromise between career and family
As a self-employed carer you don’t’ have to compromise between earning money and looking after your family. Working as a carer is flexible and gives you the freedom to choose your working hours to suit your other family commitments. You can still play an active role in your family life while and spend quality time with your loved ones while pursuing a meaningful career and earning money.
2. You decide your priorities and stay in the game
With care work being flexible, it enables you to have your say in how much and where you work. Self-employed care work is an attractive option to earn a competitive hourly income. While some other mums are talking about downshifting and difficulties with traditional employment, as a self-employed carer you can make the best of being a working mum and contribute on your own terms. Care work may also give you a firm foundation for future career.
3. Flexibility and freedom
As a busy mum, traditional set hours job can be detrimental to your needs and preferences. Working as a self-employed carer gives you the opportunity to be creative and choose your own workload, suitable clients, location, and shift patterns to accommodate the life style of a parent. Some fixed part-time jobs may be difficult to negotiate, but with flexible care work you will be able to manage your time effectively, feel empowered, and still attend that parent school meeting.
4. Inspire and set an example
Many parents are forced to quit their day job to be able to fully look after their babies or growing family. As a self-employed working mum you set a great example not only to your children, by combining meaningful caring job for vulnerable people as a carer while handling all aspects of your parenting conveniently with confidence.
5. Meet new people, increase the sense of achievement
Working as carer allows you to meet new people and have meaningful social interactions outside your home. As well as building a real relationship with your client, his family and friends, you may meet other healthcare professional in your area which enhances a sense of purpose and the opportunity to become active in the community. Care work is a unique, fulfilling job that enables people to live as independently and actively as possible, and allows you to make a real difference in their days.