Oct 18

Why Talking about Dying Matters

At Helpd, we believe that a positive conversation about death, and dying, can be a source of comfort and an opportunity to bond more closely with friends and loved ones.


Sep 18

Live-In Carers – The Hidden Heroes of Caring

What constitutes a hero? For some it’s the escapism and excitement of a caped crusader, for others it’s a member of the emergency services being called to the rescue. For the team at Helpd, our heroes can be found a little closer to home. In fact, they’re present in some of our clients’ homes – …


Jun 18

Why do we age?

Aging Aging is a fact of life – we all grow old in many different ways. Some notice getting tired more easily, others experience weakened bones, and overall poor health that generally surrounds aging. Indeed, with aging the number of health risks increases and we are more likely to suffer strokes and develop diseases like …


May 18

What is cancer and what can we do about it?

What is Cancer? There are news stories about cancer every day and almost everyone is touched by its effects at some point in their lives. However, it’s actual definition is comparatively less well known. In fact, cancer is the uncontrolled division of abnormal cells in a part of the body. Cancer starts when gene changes …


Apr 18

8 Ways to Improve Sleep Hygiene and Quality

What is sleep hygiene and how can I improve sleep quality? Getting a good quality and enough sleep is crucial to maintaining our physical and mental health. Most of us have noticed that when we lose some hours of sleep, we feel tired and cranky the next day with low energy levels which impacts on …


Mar 18

5 Key Tips for Coping with Neurodegenerative Disease

  1. You are not alone, join a community. There are approximately 625 out of every 100,000 suffering from some form of neurological condition. Several organizations now exist to provide support for families of those suffering from neurodegenerative disease such as (Parkinson’s disease), (motor neurone disease), (Huntington’s disease) and many others. These …


Mar 18

My mum can’t bear the idea a care home, but what’s the alternative?

The answer may be:  move the care to mum rather than move mum to the care Care can be given in the client’s own home by an experienced, skilled and trusted carer.   For someone that has been independent for all their lives, it is often hard to accept that they now need some support for daily …


Feb 18

5 Things to Think About When You Hire a Live-in Carer is a Provider of Live-In Carers Across the U.K. Live-in care is an excellent option for 1 to 1 around clock care and may be a far better alternative to a care home. When you are planning live-in care either for yourself or for a loved one, you should consider these 5 points first. …


Feb 18

What am I going to do with my mother? Could a live in carer be the solution?

What am I going to do with my mother? My mum is 71 years old.  A young 71, perhaps even a teenage 71 given how much time she spends gossiping on the phone to her mates.  Like many her age, she dotes on her grandchildren and can’t do enough for them.  She often claims: “you …


Jan 18

5 best reasons to employ a live-in carer is a Provider of Live-In Care Across the U.K. The top 5 reasons why live-in care is a great way to receive care: Affordable alternative to residential care If you need 1 to 1 care around the clock, but you are not prepared to move to a care home, then having a live-in carer …