Mar 18

5 Key Tips for Coping with Neurodegenerative Disease

  1. You are not alone, join a community. There are approximately 625 out of every 100,000 suffering from some form of neurological condition. Several organizations now exist to provide support for families of those suffering from neurodegenerative disease such as (Parkinson’s disease), (motor neurone disease), (Huntington’s disease) and many others. These …


Dec 17

Top 5 reasons why being a self-employed carer is a great for working mums

Being a self-employed mum comes with a lot of positives and flexibility to accommodate your busy parent life. Here are the top 5 reasons why working as a self-employed carer is the right solution for working mums: 1. Don’t compromise between career and family As a self-employed carer you don’t’ have to compromise between earning …