Mar 19

5 Tips on Managing Your Emotions During Cancer Treatment

  There is no ‘right’ way to feel after a cancer diagnosis – as with any other life-changing event, it is likely that you will experience a range of emotions including sadness, anger and frustration. Treatments interrupt hormone and energy levels and your relationship with your body, and your loved ones, can change.   In …


Feb 19

Guide to Supporting Elderly Owners in Keeping their Pets

Pets are often considered ‘part of the family’ – so much so that in the case of a survey of 2,000 pet owners conducted after the 2011 census, 11 percent said they had listed their dog as “their son” 1.   A more quantitative statistic on the value of pets is recorded in a study …


Feb 19

5 Ways to Cope with Being in the ‘Sandwich Generation’

If you’re feeling sandwiched between caring for your children as well as helping to meet the needs of an elderly loved one with chronic illness or disability – you’re not alone. According to Carers UK, there are currently c.2.4million people in the UK in the same position1. How to help the growing number of people …


Feb 19

Guide to Mental Health for Carers

Caring for someone requires not just physical energy, it takes up an enormous amount of emotional energy too – especially if in an unpaid capacity or in addition to meeting other work and family commitments. According to research carried out by Carers Trust, 45% of young adult carers surveyed reported that they have mental health …


Jan 19

The Helpd guide to sensitive dementia care

850,000 people are currently living with dementia in the UK, and the number is expected to rise to over 1 million people by 20251. With the disease expected to continue its upward trajectory to reach 2 million people by 2050, many of us will be either directly or indirectly affected by the disease during our …


Jan 19

Guide to Living Well with Cancer

With cancer survival rates doubling in the past 40 years, and death rates from cancer falling by 10 percent in the past decade alone1, there is a greater emphasis being placed on living well with the disease. Alongside this, we are witnessing an increase in the willingness of people to talk frankly about their experiences …


Dec 18

Your Guide to Care at Christmas

Whether your Christmas shopping began mid-July, or you prefer a more traditional approach to celebrations, managing care over the Christmas period does require some thought and preparation. The aim of this guide is to help you approach Christmas feeling more organised and better informed on the services and help you can access during the festive …


Nov 18

The Helpd Guide to Bringing Care Directly to Your Parents

  According to a report by Demos1, many people fear being placed in a care home during old age. With reasons including social isolation, loss of independence and separation from pets and belongings, it is easy to understand why a relative would not wish to enter a care home environment.   So, if you have …


Nov 18

Caring with Lung Cancer Questions Answered

Caring and Lung Cancer   According to a study carried out by the British Lung Foundation, more than 85,000 people living in the UK have received a lung cancer diagnosis since 2004.  With the disease being more prevalent in the 71-80 age bracket, it is not uncommon for people receiving care to have the condition. …


Nov 18

What can I do about Hoarding?

According to the NHS, hoarding is now an officially recognised disorder, but that doesn’t mean it’s an easy topic to tackle when you have a family member who is suffering – especially in the case of an elderly relative in need of care. We’ve spoken with Jo Cooke, director of Hoarding Disorders UK and author …