Nov 18

What can I do about Hoarding?

According to the NHS, hoarding is now an officially recognised disorder, but that doesn’t mean it’s an easy topic to tackle when you have a family member who is suffering – especially in the case of an elderly relative in need of care. We’ve spoken with Jo Cooke, director of Hoarding Disorders UK and author …


Oct 18

Six Apps to Help You Age Well

For the first time in history, most people can expect to live into their 60s and with improved nutrition, information and healthcare available, chronological age no longer serves as a reliable indicator to health. This is the view of the World Health Organisation whose recent research (see 1 below) demonstrates that regardless of socio-economic status, …


Oct 18

Why Talking about Dying Matters

At Helpd, we believe that a positive conversation about death, and dying, can be a source of comfort and an opportunity to bond more closely with friends and loved ones.


Jun 18

Why do we age?

Aging Aging is a fact of life – we all grow old in many different ways. Some notice getting tired more easily, others experience weakened bones, and overall poor health that generally surrounds aging. Indeed, with aging the number of health risks increases and we are more likely to suffer strokes and develop diseases like …


Mar 18

5 Key Tips for Coping with Neurodegenerative Disease

  1. You are not alone, join a community. There are approximately 625 out of every 100,000 suffering from some form of neurological condition. Several organizations now exist to provide support for families of those suffering from neurodegenerative disease such as (Parkinson’s disease), (motor neurone disease), (Huntington’s disease) and many others. These …