Dementia Action Week

If someone asked you what you were like as a teenager, or if you know how babies are made, what would you say to them? To mark Dementia Action Week, the Alzheimer’s Society has created a wonderful video which you can watch below. In the video, children ask people living with dementia precisely these questions, with some thought provoking and moving results.
It’s part of the Alzheimer’s Society #AskUsAnything campaign which aims to encourage people to start a conversation with someone they know who is living with dementia – be that calling a relative or visiting a neighbour. The reason for the campaign is that two thirds of people with dementia report feeling isolated or lonely – something that the society feels could be partly contributed to by people feeling unsure of what to say.

There is also an accompanying Ask Us Anything booklet for the campaign that can be downloaded here. The booklet is packed full of tips on how to approach the topic of dementia with friends and family and explains how one simple conversation or question can make an incredible difference to someone’s day.
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