Carers Rights Day

Carers Rights Day is marked on Thursday 21st November. The brief is simple, to ensure that carers are aware of their rights, let them know where to get help and support, and to raise awareness of their needs. It is also an opportunity to give unpaid carers a platform to help them use their collective voice.

Carers Rights Day seeks to inform everyone with as much information as possible regarding care options, now and in the future. Hundreds of different groups, clubs and organisations pull together to host drop in events across the UK. These events are aimed at arming people with the knowledge to understand their rights as carers. They will learn where to find advice, help and access services, as well as learning the importance of self-care, and how to manage care costs. Information will be available about employment, carer isolation and other worries. These drop-in events will be a great opportunity to meet other like-minded people who may also be struggling to access appropriate care for themselves or their loved ones.

Why not use Carers Rights Day as a time to get informed and to chat to others in a similar position? We need to be aware of where to go when we need information, we must be able to care for our loved ones and feel fully supported, and we need to know who we can talk to when we are struggling.

It is estimated that every day 6,000 of the UK population become carers, something few expect to happen and even fewer plan for. If you’re one of these 6,000, the chances are you won’t know where to find support. How do you approach social care providers? What do you do about your work? Can you afford to pay for your loved one’s care? How do you know if you are entitled to benefits? How long might you need care for?

There more of us that understand how and where we can access support, the more we can share the information and help others. Having the knowledge before we need it will make the whole process of finding care more straightforward and hopefully, much less stressful for both you and your loved ones.