5 Ways Live-In Care Improves Quality of Life

It is only natural that as we age we will begin to see changes in our physical or cognitive ability. When these changes affect the safety and welfare of your loved one, and the wellbeing of the wider family supporting them, it might be time to consider seeking extra support.

Is your loved one able to manage their medications safely? With aging comes a natural decline in memory, and this can be a barrier to taking medication at the appropriate times and in the correct dosages. It is possible to visit your GP and arrange for all medication to come in blister packs, and reminder alarms to remind your loved ones to take their medication at the correct times, but nothing compares to having someone at home who has a medication plan and can regularly administer the correct dose, making sure your loved one stays in the best health possible.

Has driving become a worry? When a difficult decision such as hanging up the car keys is made, it may come as a real blow to independence. Being no longer able to drive often represents a lack of freedom and dependency on others. Having a live-in carer means your family member can still get out and about, visiting friends, enjoying lunch in a café or a trip to a local garden centre, and without all the stress of parking or filling up with petrol. Your loved one will also be taken to all medical appointments, family engagements and even on holiday should they wish!

As we age we might find it difficult to keep on top of all the domestic duties within the home, but with the help of a live-in carer, there is someone to keep on top of the washing and hoovering, ensuring that your loved one lives in safe, clean and clutter free surroundings.

Nutrition is vitally important in later life, and eating proper meals will ensure that your loved stays in the best health possible. If your family member is struggling with meal preparation and eating at the correct times, or if you are concerned about their safety in the kitchen, then seeking live-in care could solve these problems. Our helpers will sit down to eat with your loved one, providing company at mealtimes, as well as any extra support.

Nothing quite beats living in familiar surroundings. Choosing live-in care rather than residential care means that your loved one gets to stay in the home that they love, surrounded by wonderful memories, in a space that they have chosen themselves. Having a live-in carer means they can still enjoy their garden, and have family and friends over to visit or stay. Most importantly, it helps to put them in control of their own care.

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