Jul 19

Home Care VS Care Home Campaign

As the population of the UK ages, how to care for this growing segment is becoming an important topic. According to the Office of National Statistics (ONS), the gross value of informal adult care in 2016 was £59.5 billion. Caring for your ageing parents, spouse, relative or friend, can be satisfying, but it can be hard and …


Jun 19

The Benefits of Being a Self-Employed Carer

What image springs to mind when you hear the word ‘carer’? For some people, it’s a nurse in a clinical uniform. For others, it’s a person wearing a shirt with an agency logo on it. This is completely at odds with how a carer might wish to be seen. In many cases, it’s not what …


Jun 19

Guide to Creating a Care Plan

  Introducing a carer into the life of a loved one is an important process. For the relationship between all parties to be successful, decisions will need to be made on both an emotional and practical level and shouldn’t be rushed. In this guide, we offer some care plan examples as well as points to …


May 19

Dementia Action Week

If someone asked you what you were like as a teenager, or if you know how babies are made, what would you say to them? To mark Dementia Action Week, the Alzheimer’s Society has created a wonderful video which you can watch below. In the video, children ask people living with dementia precisely these questions, …


May 19

Mental Health for Life

Did you know the Mental Health Foundation has been running for 70 years now? Or that World Mental Health Day was founded in 1992? With Mental Health Awareness Week having recently taken place, now feels like a good time to reflect on a conversation that we should be having every day. It’s also time that …


Mar 19

10 Questions to Ask when Interviewing a Carer

When selecting a carer for you, or your loved one, it’s important to make sure that you’re well prepared for the interview process. First impressions most certainly count but an initial feeling of positivity shouldn’t distract you from asking all of the right questions. Here’s our top 10 questions to get you started: 1. What …


Mar 19

9 Tips for Good Sleep Hygiene and better Sleep

As we get older, our quality of sleep can change with increased incidents of wakefulness and waking early. If not addressed, lack of sleep dampens our mental ability and, in the case of people who are very elderly and unwell, increases the risk of falls. So, what can we do to make sure that we …


Mar 19

8 Tips For Checking Your Body for Signs of Cancer

According to the results of the CONCORD-3 study published in the Lancet1, overall cancer survival rates in the UK are improving thanks to better cancer management2. But what can we do individually to impact the statistics? According to the Office for National Statistics, cancer survival rates are much higher if the cancer is detected early …


Mar 19

5 Tips on Managing Your Emotions During Cancer Treatment

  There is no ‘right’ way to feel after a cancer diagnosis – as with any other life-changing event, it is likely that you will experience a range of emotions including sadness, anger and frustration. Treatments interrupt hormone and energy levels and your relationship with your body, and your loved ones, can change.   In …


Feb 19

Guide to Supporting Elderly Owners in Keeping their Pets

Pets are often considered ‘part of the family’ – so much so that in the case of a survey of 2,000 pet owners conducted after the 2011 census, 11 percent said they had listed their dog as “their son” 1.   A more quantitative statistic on the value of pets is recorded in a study …