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First and foremost, we will carefully listen to you in order to understand your hiring needs. We will then double check with you your requirements for the vacancy and fill in our placement registration form for you to sign. You may upload the form here.

From here we will get the ball rolling straight away. In a few days’ time you may already expect a draft shortlist from us, yes, we are that efficient!

You may truly sit back and relax whilst we will take care of virtually everything in the hiring process:

  1. Drawing up the job ad,
  2. Searching/advertising the role,
  3. Sifting through candidates and shortlisting,
  4. Screening and pre-interviewing candidates,
  5. Reference and document checking,
  6. Arranging interview with case manager/end client and
  7. Processing DBS checks if required.

And all of this with no risk to you. Unlike other agencies that charge a non-returnable up-front fee we do not charge a single penny unless our candidate is hired, therefore the onus is on us to find a suitable candidate in a timely fashion.

The bespoke recruitment service costs £1500 per hire if you would like to employ the candidate directly. The flat fee enables the case manager/deputy/solicitor to precisely budget for their hiring process. (If the candidate is self-employed then we charge 20% of the hourly fee paid to the worker.)

What’s more, we offer either a part refund of the fee charged if the carer does not stay in the role for a reasonable amount of time or we find another candidate.

If you require a live-in care, we have good news! We already have a large number of pre-vetted carers who may be hired either on a self-employed or employed basis.