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Founded in January 2017 by Dr. Neil Parrett and Luca Rado, Helpd is a home care agency that connects clients with self-employed carers with the aim of creating a more stable and positive care experience for both client and carer.

Luca and Neil launched the company after many years of working in the health care industry (Dr Parrett is a clinical psychologist and Luca a director of a psychology practice.) The pair noticed that one of the key issues they’d regularly encounter was the difficulty of sourcing and retaining high-quality carers, support workers and PA’s. One of the reasons for this, they realised, was the low pay within the industry. Traditional care agencies keep approximately 50% of the amount that the client pays – leaving carers with too little reward for their hard work.

The solution was to create Helpd; where we would do things differently. Our carers are self-employed; meaning they keep 80% of what the client pays. Additionally, as our clients are hiring the services of a particular carer, they will know exactly who will be providing the service and be able to build up a meaningful care relationship with them, which is both beneficial to the client, who is getting continuity of care, and the carer alike. Both Dr. Parrett and Luca have also hired home carers to support members of their own family, so understand what is like to be searching and then vetting carers for a loved one.

At Helpd, we aim to empower clients to source experienced, skilled and high-quality carers easily, swiftly and efficiently, and then provide the support that both sides need to make the arrangements beneficial as possible for all involved and encourage direct contact between carer and client to work in a positive and efficient manner.

If you are looking for high-quality, professional home care, then contact us today on 0118 4492373. To find out more about Helpd and meet the team read on.

Meet the team and find out why we created Helpd

Dr. Neil Parrett, Co Founder

My name is Dr Neil Parrett and I am a Consultant Clinical Psychologist. I have worked in the field of physical and mental disability in the public, charitable and private sector throughout my career. I began my working life as a carer for children with autism and more recently have provided specialised training and supervision for carers who deliver support to my patients. I have also hired carers to support members of my own family in their own homes.
While considering what I could do to improve the experience of carers and clients alike, I came up with the concept of Helpd. By harnessing the efficiency and connective power of the internet, Helpd allows clients to pay less and carers to get paid significantly more than industry standard. Helpd offers both clients and carers more choice, flexibility and control which crucially provides a better care experience and a stronger therapeutic and working relationship.

Luca Rado, Co Founder

I have worked in financial services, hospitality, retail and healthcare and in technical, customer facing and recruitment and management roles. Having recruited carers and support workers in both a professional and private capacity I know how important a stable and positive relationship between client and carer is to everyone’s well-being. When Neil came to me with the idea of Helpd as a way of making the care contract better and simpler for carers and clients by giving more choice, stability and control, I knew it was a great idea because it was what I had been looking for myself when trying to organise home support for my father.

Sumita Nanda, Recruitment and Client Services Manager

I have been fortunate enough to work within the care industry for the last 14 years. During this time I have gained experience in many roles ranging from being a carer in a residential home to being a registered care manager of a large domiciliary care organisation. Throughout this time one thing has never faltered – my love for care. I am particularly interested in palliative care and am passionate about ensuring that people are able to receive care in a setting that best suits their needs and wishes. I’ve enjoyed watching carers fulfil their potential and strive to be the best they can be. Seeing families being able to stay together at home because I have been able to organise a suitable care package provides me with great job satisfaction. That is the main reason why I am so excited to be part of the Helpd team as I believe they share my values and ethos.